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  • This week – The Journey During Lent: “Real Worship”

    Join us this Sunday for a message on "The Journey During Lent: Real Worship" as we explore John 2:13-16.

  • Trustee’s Meeting

    The monthly St. Andrew UMC Trustee’s meeting is on Tuesday 9th of March @ 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

  • The Journey During Lent: “Take Up Your Cross.”

    What does it mean as a disciple to "take up your cross?" Visit our Sermons page to discover more.

  • NEW sermon option available

    MP3 audio of Sunday sermon now available as an option on the "sermons" page.

  • Wednesday Lenten Devotions 2021

    North Brevard UMC pastors Wednesday Lenten Devotions for 2021

  • The Journey During Lent ~ 1st Sunday

    In Mark 1:17 Jesus gave the call, "follow me." Lent is a time of renewal of that call in a disciple's life.

  • Leadership Team

    The St. Andrew’s UMC Leadership Team’s next meeting is on Monday evening March 22nd @ 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

  • Finance Committee

    The Next St. Andrew’s UMC Finance Committee meeting is on Monday, March 15th at 6 PM in the church Fellowship Hall.

  • Staff Parish Relations

    The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) will meet after worship on Sunday March 7th in the Fellowship Hall.

  • Ash Wed 2021 Video Devotional

    Ash Wed 2021 Devotional is now posted - click link to view